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We find billing errors and overcharges that are common in the solid waste disposal industry (trash, recycling, and medical waste).

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Unlike conventional consultants who charge hourly, if we don’t reduce your company’s solid waste disposal expenses, our services will cost you nothing, Guaranteed.

We help you minimize waste and increase your cash flow.

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14 Mistakes to Avoid with Medical Waste Disposal

14 Mistakes to Avoid with Medical Waste Disposal

14 Mistakes to avoid with Medical Waste Disposal.   Before we discuss how to reduce Medical waste disposal costs we must understand what Medical Waste consists of.  Medical Waste Disposal, is commonly classified as any item that comes into contact...

How a Trash Audit Can Find Cash in your Trash.

How a Trash Audit Can Find Cash in your Trash.

How a trash audit can find cash in your trash bills.   First I must explain there are two types of trash audits. Trash Recycling Audit - Is a trash audit designed to break down your outgoing trash based on the percentage of recyclables.   The Trash Recycling Audit...

You Probably Have
A Few Questions, Right?

Why do we need SAV-ON's expense reduction services?

Most business owners/managers do not have the time and expertise required to uncover hidden overcharges in their services. Our preferred relationships with vendors and our understanding of the industry (rates, equipment, fuel indexes, surcharges, recycling indexes, CPI, etc) enables us to work from a position of strength on your behalf. With 20,000 successful audits since 1994, we are experts at reducing your expenses.

What is the cost?
None. No upfront costs and we perform our services on a contingency fee of 50%. Our No Results, No Fee Guarantee means you don’t pay a penny unless – and until – we produce a refund or a reduced monthly bill. We are paid out of the savings we procure, so no new money is needed. We increase your cash flow, we don’t reduce it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as our commissions come directly from the refunds/savings that are documented.
How much of our time will the analysis require?
None! That’s one of the greatest benefits in having us work for you. We perform our analysis and implement our client approved recommendations without disrupting your daily business activities.
How can you save us money?
We identify errors, overcharges and cost reduction opportunities by evaluating your invoices, agreements, equipment and services. The savings are verified in the form of a refund or a reduced monthly bill.
What if we have contracts in place for the service?
The fact that you have a contract in place has very little bearing on our ability to produce results. In fact, 95% of our client’s do have contracts in place. We produce results on over 80% of those properties.
How long does the analysis take to complete?
Our analysis can be completed in as little as two weeks to several months depending on the number of locations you have and the size and complexity of your accounts.
What do we need to get started?
All that is required is your approval on our Cost Reduction Agreement and a copy of last month’s invoices.

Our Trash Audit will find Cash in your Trash!

What Our Clients Say

“SAV-ON’s services are not only risk-free, but offer businesses a way to reduce bottom-line costs by 30-50%.”

Mark Sprenger

VP, Sprenger Health Care Systems, Lorain, OH

“There is now light at the end of the tunnel, the light has a name, SAV-ON Solutions. They reduced our trash expenses by 65%.”

Pat Harper

Administrator, Montview Manor, Denver, CO

“SAV-ON Solutions is a fantastic company, they helped reduce costs at 5 of our commercial properties by 39%, we save $19,932 per year!”

Candice Sullivan

Operations Manager, Legacy Properties, Austin, TX